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PVS company offers a wide range services in vacuum & plasma technologies




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 - Magnetron sputtering;

 - Ion-beam cleaning;

 - Plasma etch;

 - Vacuum drying;

 - Vacuum infusion;

 - and much more.


- Hardening of the cutting

- Antifrictional coatings;
- Optical thin films;
- Microelectronics;
- Plasma alloying;
- Modification of the polymers;
- Hydrophilizing the fabrics;
- Forming of composite materials;
- Single-crystal growth;
- and much more.

About Us

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PVS Company (PVS LLC) was founded in 2015 by a young, enterprising team dedicated to their industry and wishing to change the stereotypes for the marketing of development and production of high-tech equipment. We not only offer functional, reliable equipment, but we also attach great importance to compliance to international requirements of ergonomics and aesthetics. Our modern approach to the organization and planning of workflow, the use of the latest design tools, and dedication to our business allows us to meet the challenges of the most complex customer needs, while minimizing costs in time and product development and production.
Our employees are professionals in their field and have many years of experience in the industry, having graduated from the leading Russian University Departments of Vacuum and Plasma Equipment, the Department  of "Plasma power plants" at BMSTU (Moscow), the Department "Vacuum technology electro installations" at KNRTU among others.
The main objective of our company is the development of vacuum and plasma equipment and technologies in 6 key areas:

  • PVS Deposition - technology vacuum and plasma deposition of thin films and coatings: PVD, CVD, PECVD, ALD, etc.;

  • PVS Treatment - Technologies of processing different materials in RF low-pressure plasmas (CCP, ICP);

  • PVS Chemical - Chemical laboratory and industrial equipment;

  • PVS Composite - Equipment for molding composite materials;

  • PVS Special - Special industrial and laboratory vacuum and plasma equipment;

  • PVS Sales - Sales of equipment and components from other manufacturers.

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Technology and equipment for:

  • Physical vapor deposition (PVD):

- Thermal vacuum spraying;
- Magnetron sputtering;
- Vacuum arc evaporation (Arc-PVD);
- The ion particle beam sputtering (IBAD);

  • Chemical vapor deposition (CVD):

- Atmospheric (APCVD);
- Vacuum (LPCVD / UHVCVD);

- Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD);

  • Gas thermal plasma spraying:

- By arc plasma generators;
- By RF plasma generators;

  • Combined methods;

  • and etc.


Technology and equipment for:

  • Vacuum infusion;

  • Injection (RTM);

  • Vacuum injection (Light-RTM);

  • Spraying;

  • Vacuum impregnation of porous materials;

  • and etc.


Technology and equipment for:

  • Plasma etching:

- Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)
- Plasma etching (PE);
- Ion Coupled Plasma Etching (ICP Etch);

  • Plasma alloying:

- Nitriding;
- Сarbonization
- From organometallic compounds;

- From liquid compounds;

- etc.;

  • Plasma modification of the properties of different materials:

- Surface Activation (hydrophilization / hydrophobization) of textile materials;
- Plasmachemical reduction / oxidation of catalysts and powders;

- Spheroidizing of powders;

- Activation of porous materials;

- Plasma polishing.

  • Combined methods;

  • and etc.


Technology and equipment for:

  • Vacuum sublimation;

  • Vacuum melting of single crystals;

  • Imitation of space conditions;

  • Testing of electric rocket engines;

  • Climatic vacuum equipment;

  • Testing vacuum equipment;

  • and etc.

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Equipment for:

  • Chemical reactors;

  • Vacuum drying machines;

  • Laboratory vacuum system;

  • Cuvettes for spectrophotometers;

  • Mixing devices;

  • and etc.


Sale of:

  • Vacuum equipment and components:

- Pumps;

- Vacuum gauges;
- Fittings;
- Consumables (oils, lubricants, etc.);
- Valving (Valves, gates, etc.);
- Vacuum connections;
- Mass flow rates;
- Leak detectors;
- Power supplies;
- etc;

  • Equipment for plasma diagnostic:
    - Probe diagnostics;
    - Spectral diagnostics;
    - Mass spectrometry;
    - Measurement of electrical and magnetic fields;
    - Ion energy analyzer;

  • Technological equipment;

  • The measuring and analytical equipment;

  • and etc.


Meet the Team

Yaroslav Zhelonkin

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Andrey Palchev

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Chief Design Engineer

Andrey Miheev

Leading Engineer

Albert Khubathuzin

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